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Breakaway Binary Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan combines elements of the breakaway and binary plans. Distributors can build two legs and earn commissions based on the sales volume of their downline. When certain qualifications are met, distributors may "break away" and form their own ind...

Hybrid Binary Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan combines features of the binary and uni-level plans. It allows distributors to build two legs like in a binary plan while also having the ability to recruit more frontline members like in a uni-level plan.The Hybrid Binary Plan is a powerfu...

Differential Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan provides different commission rates based on product types or categories. Distributors earn higher commissions for selling specific products that offer higher margins or bonuses.The Differential MLM Plan is a unique and powerful compensatio...

Mobile Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan is specifically designed for the mobile industry. Distributors promote mobile services, plans, or devices and earn commissions based on customer activations or usage.The Mobile MLM Plan is a compensation structure specifically designed for...

Party-Lite Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan is a variation of the party plan, primarily focused on selling candles and related products. Distributors host candle parties and earn commissions based on product sales.The Party-Lite MLM Plan is a popular and successful compensation struc...

Australian X-Up Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan is similar to the Australian Binary Plan but includes "X-Up" features. It requires distributors to pass up a certain number of sales or recruits to their upline before becoming qualified to earn commissions.The Australian X-Up Plan is a uni...

Spillover Binary Plan MLM Software Demo

In this plan, distributors can benefit from spillover, which occurs when a member's recruits are placed under other members who have not yet filled their frontline. It helps build depth in the network faster.The Spillover Binary Plan is a widely util...

Board Plan MLM Software Demo

Also known as the Revolving Matrix Plan or Gift Plan, it involves a group of distributors forming a board. As the board fills up, it splits into two sub-boards, and distributors progress to higher levels with increased rewards.The Board Plan is a pop...

Breakaway Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan allows distributors to build their organization and then "break away" to form their own group. They become independent and may receive additional benefits based on the size and performance of their group.A breakaway MLM, also known as a bre...

Hybrid Plan MLM Software Demo

Hybrid Plan: As the name suggests, a hybrid plan combines elements of multiple MLM plans. It can vary depending on the specific rules and structures set by the company.The Hybrid MLM Plan is a dynamic and versatile compensation structure that combine...

Party Plan MLM Software Demo

Party Plan: This plan involves hosting home-based parties or gatherings to showcase products. Distributors earn commissions based on sales generated during these events and can recruit new members.The Party MLM Plan, also known as the Party-Based Net...


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