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  • 15 Jul

Crypto Rewards Plan MLM Software Demo

This plan incorporates cryptocurrency or blockchain technology into the MLM business model. Distributors earn rewards or commissions in the form of cryptocurrencies, providing an additional element...

  • 29 May

ROI, Investment Plan MLM Software Demo

ROI or Investment Plan: This plan involves distributors or members making an initial investment or purchasing investment packages. They earn returns on their investment based on ne...

  • 29 May

Repurchase Plan MLM Software Demo

Repurchase Plan: Also known as the Loyalty Plan, this plan encourages distributors and customers to regularly repurchase products. Distributors earn commissions based on the sales...

  • 29 May

Matrix Plan MLM Software Demo

Matrix Plan: Also known as the Forced Matrix Plan, it limits the width and depth of the distributor's network. For example, a 3x5 matrix plan allows three frontline members and a m...

  • 29 May

Lucky Draw Plan MLM Software Demo

A Lucky draw MLM plan is a variety of staggered promoting (MLM) where members have the valuable chance to win prizes through a lucky draw framework. MLM, otherwise called network promoting, is a pl...

  • 27 May

Helping Plan MLM Software Demo

Helping/Donation Plan: Also known as the Cash Gifting or Help Plan, this controversial plan involves members gifting or donating money to others in the network. It relies on a sense of commu...

  • 27 May

Generation Plan MLM Software Demo

Generation Plan: This plan focuses on generations or levels within the distributor's organization. Distributors earn commissions based on the sales volume of each generation or level in thei...

  • 27 May

E-commerce Plan MLM Software Demo

E-commerce Plan: This plan combines MLM with e-commerce, where distributors earn commissions by promoting and selling products through their personalized affiliate links or online stores.

  • 27 May

Blockchain Plan MLM Software Demo

With blockchain, MLM business undertakings can address these disadvantages, produce reliable organizations and make enduring progress. Since a great many clients across the world have earned benefi...

  • 26 Apr

Level Plan MLM Software Demo

The level plan MLM plan is a popular compensation model in the multi-level marketing industry. It offers a simple and straightforward approach to rewarding distributors based on their sales volume....

  • 19 Apr

Binary Plan MLM Software Demo

MLM Binary Plan involves distributors building two "legs" or downlines. Each distributor can recruit only two frontline members, creating a binary tree structure. Binary MLM software automates proc...

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